Fantasy castles like Barad-dur inspire awe. Whoa! Generally is the first reaction on reading about this castle. It is also called ‘Dark Tower’ since it houses the Dark Lord Sauron. He rules the land of Mordor from this fortress.

Fantasy castles like Barad-dur are not for the faint hearted. The location of Ash Mountains in gloomy settings in Mordor is one reason.

The name Barad-dur is a combination of two words from language of the elves. ‘Barad’ means tower and ‘Dur’ means dark. It is called ‘Lugburz,’ also meaning Dark Tower in the fictional language, Black Speech.

Barad-dur was famous in Middle Earth because it was the headquarters of dark magic. Some fantasy castles denote its residents and so did Barad-dur. The fantasy palace symbolized the Dark Lord and his personality. The names, Barad-dur, Dark Tower or Lugburz were used interchangeably with Sauron’s name.

The fantasy castle’s building time was 600 years. Sauron began its construction in Second Age (S.A), more specifically in S.A 1000. Power of the infamous, One Ring, was also tapped to build this fantasy kingdom’s headquarters.

J.R.R Tolkien’s epic fantasy revolved around a ring created by Sauron, which magically fortified the fantasy castle’s roots. The Dark Lord in turn used Barad-dur as his watch tower to keep an evil eye on entire Middle Earth.

The fantasy castle’s reputation was legendary. It was variously described as a furnace of great power, a prison and an armory. It was a dark colored fantasy palace, dream of an evil Lord and the monument of cruelty for all common folk.

The magical fortresses’ construction featured mountain load of iron, multiple walls, battlements and gates of steel. Barad-dur had a huge monstrous presence, dark shadow of Sauron and cliffs guarded by metal, mountain and might. There were no other fantasy castles in Middle Earth which matched the glory of Barad-dur. Its rich courts, dungeons and towers saw evil designed and executed.

But no power, however mighty, lasts forever. The much hyped fantasy castle’s foundations shook when the ‘Last Alliance of Elves and Men’ defeated Sauron in S.A. 3441. Even then it could not be completely destroyed because of the power of famed ring which had forged it.

Sauron reclaimed his prized palace and his kingdom with the help of Nazgul, his loyal servants. This happened in (Third Age) T.A 2951. Then onwards the Dark Lord began his second stint of supremacy from the fantasy castle’s comfort.

This lasted till 25 March, T.A 3019. Ultimately, Frodo Baggins, an innocent but gritty hobbit, succeeded in destroying the powerful magic ring. This also marked the collapse of Barad-dur, one of the finest yet darkest fantasy castles in literature.

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