Blanding’s Castle is a reappearing place of residence in the book series titled Blanding’s Castle. It’s a series of fictional tales written by British comic writer P. G. Wodehouse.

In the book, the castle is known to be owned by Lord Emsworth and his family. The location of the Blanding’s Castle as specified in the book is in the scenic valley of Blandings, England. The structure of Blanding’s castle depicts the early medieval architecture; therefore it was supposedly known to be an Early Tudor building. The castlewas known as a Stately Home standing on the small hill at the southern end of the valley of Blanding’s with a view of river Severn at a close distance.

In the neighborhood is the Market Blandings located just less than 3 miles from the castle. The town Much Matchingham where the Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe resides in his home the Matchingham hall is another prominent location in the neighborhood.

The castle dwellers in the book were adapted as characters for a six half hour show under the title Blanding’s Castle, produced by BBC.

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