The Kingdom of Narnia shares a bit of its land and a bit of fantasy as well with Cair Paravel, a fantasy castle, less popular amongst readers because of its rare appearances in the literature of Narnia.

The Cair Paravel is known as the capital of Kingdom of Narnia where the Kings and Queens of Narnia ruled. It was a stronghold into which the people of Narnia can take a shelter during the battle period. The Cair Paravel was situated on the peninsular region of Narnia on the eastern coast. The inhabitants of the Cair Paravel were Narnians, humans and talking beasts.

The castle has its prompt appearance in C. S. Lewis much acclaimed novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The novel highlights a special event of honoring with thrones of the Cair Paravel to the four children, the King Peter, the Queen Susan, the King Edmund and the Queen Lucy, who defeats and attains a glorious victory over the ruthless reign of the White Witch.

The world of Narnia saw a dark period under the reign of Jadis, the White Witch known to bring the Age of Winter for almost 100 years. The Cair Paravel was laid empty during her reign. But it was under the dynasty of Pevensies, the four children (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy), when the Narnia, after the Age of Winter, witnessed the Golden age.

The book Prince Caspian uncovers the devastated world of Narnia including the ruined Cair Paravel. The event takes place many centuries later than the time of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The four children return to the world of Narnia and witness the event though it took time for them to understand the devastated scenario of Cair Paravel and Narnia. However King Caspian X, as mentioned in the book The Silver Chair, is known to rebuild the Cair Paravel during his reign.

The Cair Paravel saw a horrific end by the Tisroc, a ruler of Calormen who destroyed the Castle along with its inhabitants which is known as the most brutal event in the Chronicles of Narnia.

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