Some fantasy castles are claimed to exist in reality like Camelot castle. There are castles all over the British landscape which claim to be the inspiration for Camelot.

It was the seat of power of legendary King Arthur. His famous commanders known as the Knights of the Round Table sat around the famed table in this very castle. If one goes by the written records of the 12th century, fantasy castles were shifting bases of kings.

Authors generally agree that King Arthur’s capital was Caerleon. But by the 13th century, Camelot started dominating literary world as Arthur’s original seat of power. But fantasy castles across the Welsh and English districts are thought of as the Camelot.

The Lancelot-Grail or the Vulgate cycle in French tells the story of the great Arthurian myth. The story features Camelot fantasy castle’s trials and tribulations. The castle is brought to life because of the sheer scale and quality of stories woven around it.

The name Camelot is supposedly of French origin. In one description it is believed to be on the banks of river which flows downstream from Astolat, a legendary British city.

King Arthur is one of the most important figures in mythology of Great Britain. Naturally, his castle Camelot became the hot bed of adventure, great rule and chivalry.

The city of Camelot was surrounded on all sides by forests. Big tournaments featuring the talents of knights were held in the open spaces and meadows.

King Arthur held his court inside the magnificent palatial building of Camelot. The fantasy castle’s layout consisted of a huge courtyard, feasting and dining rooms and many bedrooms.

But the fantasy castle’s most known feature is the Round Table which could seat 150 knights. Legend has it that Carmelide’s King Leodagan gifted the table to King Arthur as a wedding gift. Arthur was marrying his daughter Guinevere.
Merlin, the wizard and right-hand of King Arthur had advised the Knights of the Round Table to stick together. He wanted the King’s men to stay united in face of danger. But the prizes and fame associated with fantasy castles is overwhelming for men.
There were internal conflicts and even plots against King Arthur. Camelot became the center for brutality in many forms. Despite all this, the fantasy castle’s legend lives on. Camelot is still popular among legends, especially in Great Britain.
Fantasy castles like Camelot have been praised in written and spoken word with great awe. These are indeed a wonderful creation of human imagination.

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