Castle Black is most important of all fantasy castles along the Wall in Game of Thrones. It is the headquarters of Night’s Watch. The Wall separates the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros from the lands beyond it.

Strictly speaking, Castle Black is not one of the usual fantasy castles equipped with super luxury. It serves as the stronghold and one of the three castles manned by the Night Watch. There is no defensive barrier for the castle except in the north. According to mythology, Bran the Builder constructed this castle roughly 800 years ago.

The fantasy castle’s interiors can be traveled only by underground passages in winters. Timber keeps and stone towers complete the design of the place above the passages. The fantasy castle’s reputation also includes a horrific garrison within it.

Castle Black is the last point in the north served by Kingsroad and is in the centre portion of the Wall. Earlier there used to be nineteen such manned fantasy castles along the length of the Wall. But the numbers gradually declined as the Night Watch abandoned them.

Castle Black is the most important of the three remaining ones. The other two manned castles are The Shadow Tower and Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.

Castle Black consists of six towers. Lord Commander’s Tower is where the Lord Commander resides. The tallest of all towers is the Lance Tower, a thin structure which looks very weak. The fantasy castle’s famous King’s Tower is specially meant to serve kings and guests. It also houses a wooden stair through which one can scale the Wall.

The strongest of the fantasy castle’s towers is The Tower of Guards. It guards the wooden stair. The other towers are the Silent Tower and the Hardin’s Tower. The Hardin’s Tower resembles an even more angled version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Here, there is a breach in Castle Black from where heaps of stones enter the courtyard.

The fantasy castle’s barracks are known as the Flint Barracks. Most of the brothers live in this barracks. The armory where Donal Roye fashions all weapons and armors is one of the important places in Castle Black.

The dining hall or the common hall where the brothers eat, rookery for the ravens of Castle Black and the vaults holding food supplies and library are the other sections of the semi-fortress.

All fantasy castles in Westeros, especially along the Wall have a mysterious feel about them. There are layers of intricate designs serving various purposes. Castle Black is no exception. The gates of the tunnels running through the castle are long, crooked and very narrow. A simple winding elevator is located near the fantasy castle’s well. It carries men and other supplies to the top of the Wall. This elevator is nothing but an iron cage attached to rope-winding machinery which serves as a lift.

Castle Black has a sept or a building where followers of the Faith of the Seven can pray. The fantasy castle’s environs have been host to many important events throughout the entire series.

The strategic importance of Castle Black is evident in the battles, fights, refuge and plots that are carved here. An entire mini-series within the larger scheme of events in A Song of Ice and Fire is played out in this bastion.

Castle Black has to be one of the few fantasy castles that were theaters of dramatic events in Westeros.

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