Dol Guldur became one of the fantasy castles of great repute under Dark Lord Sauron. The other name for this fortress was Hill of Dark Sorcery as it was here that Sauron worked as The Necromancer (one who communicates with the dead). Dol Guldur was located at Amon Lanc, south of Mirkwood.

The fantasy castles secret foundations on top of a hill served as the base for all the evil activities of Sauron. But the Wise ultimately found out about this Hill residence of the Dark Lord. Thereafter, he retreated to Mordor.

The hill which housed Dol Guldur was a rocky, barren peak and the highest point in southwestern forest. It was fortified by Sauron in the Third Age. Since the fantasy castle’s reign of the Dark began, the forest became gloomy. Sauron cast his shadow over the entire neighborhood of the castle. The fantasy castle brought death and sickness to its environs.

Fantasy castles involving fighting forces have either wonderful or fiery aura. Dol Guldur has many such aspects. The Sword-hall of Dol Guldur was the centralized training place where minions trained. The best of Dark Lord’s champions looked after this training centre.

Sauron’s hounds were raised and looked after in The Warg-pens. It was a breeding and training area within the fantasy castle’s limits. The beasts bred here were all dedicated in the service of the Dark Lord.

Sammath Gul is chamber occupied by the Dark Lord when he was disguised as the Necromancer of Mirkwood. Dol Guldur’s this part always made one aware of the presence of Dark and hence nobody dared to enter it.

The fantasy castle’s most important tower was Barad Guldur. It served as the watch tower for Sauron. It was the station from which the lieutenant who searches for any activity related to the Ring.

The most terrific aspects of Dol Guldur were the dungeons. These dungeons were evidence of unimaginable horror unleashed onto people. Thorin, the great leader died in these dungeons. He led the gang which set out to reclaim the lonely mountain from the fearsome dragon, Smaug.

After going through all that makes up Dol Guldur, one is highly aware of its evil timeline. But no one can disagree that it definitely is among the few splendid fantasy castles in literature.

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