Dracula’s Castle is a strange feature among fantasy castles! The reason was: its existence in both real and fictional world. Bram Stoker wrote a fictional piece, which turned out to be very close to real life fantasy palace in Romania!

Although he had heard about the place and its castle, Bram Stoker had never been there. But his imagination penned down as the fortress of a blood sucking vampire is hugely popular. Dracula’s fantasy castle is a tribute to imagination based on reality.

Bran’s castle was immortalized as one of the most famous fantasy castles in literature. It is the home of notorious Count Dracula. Dracula is a vampire and a rich noble who claims to be a descendant of Attila the Hun. He has been a resident of this big palatial building in Carpathian Mountains for many centuries.

It would not be wrong to say that the popularity of Dracula’s Castle far exceeds that of Bran Castle.

Dreamy and eerie fantasy castles make readers and fantasy lovers highly curious. And Dracula’s castle does not disappoint such fans one bit. It is grand, towering and secretive. Lavish furniture, pricey tapestries and rich drapes adorn the castle. It has a well-stocked English book library. It makes the villain look like a rich aristocrat with an intellectual flair!

But the fun part is also accompanied by the weird and dangerous. For one, the absence of servants or supporting staff from fantasy castle’s limits is very noticeable. Second, there are no mirrors in the entire palatial house. This leads to heightened sense of curiosity in already uneasy Jonathan Harker.

Harker is an Englishman on a business visit to Count Dracula’s lair in Eastern Europe. He got subtle hints of the fantasy castle’s dreaded popularity as he traveled through Transylvania. People looked at him and made hand movements like the holy cross. He also got a cross chain at the inn he stayed before final ascent towards the fantasy castle’s reaches.

The fantasy castle’s environment only confirmed his beliefs. Though it was a symbol of wealth and luxury amidst beautiful and rustic countryside, some things were very odd. It had secret rooms and secret passages to underground chambers. Packs of wolves which seem to have come from nowhere hunted in Dracula’s castle.

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