Minas Morgul represented the darkest point in the life span of fantasy castles. When Numenor folk fled to Mordor, the brothers Isildur and Anarion founded their own little utopian kingdoms. Isildur’s was the castle kingdom, Minas Morgul.

Minas Morgul was originally named Minas Ithil (Tower of the Moon). Over a period a time, it came under the control of Dark Lord and became Minas Morgul (Tower of Black Sorcery). Minas Ithil became one of those fantasy castles of Middle Earth where evil thrived.

Originally, under Isildur the fantasy castle’s existence was like a city-state. Minas Ithil was located in a pleasant part of valley bordering Mordor. When the castle was at the peak of its glory, it was a beautiful sight to behold. It gleamed in the moonlight and the courtyards filled with silvery white heavenly glow. The fantasy castle’s design was carved in white marble.

A very unusual upland in the mountains formed a delightful setting for the guarded fantasy palace. Isildur did his best to fortify his fantasy castle’s realm from Sauron controlled Mordor. The magical White Tree, which symbolized this Mordor kingdom, was planted just outside the front gate of Minas Morgul.

White colored houses and a revolving tower top added to the pure and peaceful look of the fantasy palace. Many windows were carved into the construction of Minas Morgul to facilitate view as well as guard. But the fantasy castle’s glory became the biggest cause of its fall into dark power’s hands.

Sauron sent a huge battle force to occupy Minas Ithil. After a relentless siege, Minas Ithil was captured and then slowly turned into the infamous Minas Morgul.

The fantasy castle’s tower held the Ithil-stone or Palantiri. It enabled its possessor with great power of communication in Middle Earth and beyond. Consequently, after Minas Ithil became Minas Morgul, the tower changed allegiance. All its equipment and position of power came to be used by the dark forces.

Sauron lost the fantasy castle’s control in the War of the Last Alliance. Thereafter, a strict vigil ensured that the dark forces were kept at bay. But, the Great Plague erupted in Third Age 1636 and resulted in a security of the fortress take a back seat.

The dreaded nine Nazgul again laid siege to Gondor’s capital city. Minas Morgul again passed into the hands of evil. A pale light which barely illuminated the fantasy castle’s structure replaced the earlier one. There was an eerie sense of being watched all around the ramparts of the fort city.

The Witch-King of Angmar ruled the fortress with a strong presence of evil eye.

In the end, good prevailed and the Minas Morgul’s came back for good. King Elessar declared after the War of the ring that recaptured Minas Morgul may have damaged it irreparably.

It was destroyed and rebuilt as the former Minas Ithil. The story of Minas Morgul is the story of resistance and counter resistance. The land, on which the fantasy castle’s foundations stood, saw great ups and downs. But goodness prevailed but the legend of Minas Morgul lived on.

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