Leaping over the toads and tortoises, Mario reaches his ultimate destination, The Princess Peach’s Castle, with a purpose to rescue Princess Peach from Koopa villain Bowser.

Princess Peach’s Castle is a fictional castle that interests his gamers as a centre of adventure involved in the popular game series namely Mario. Princess Peach’s Castle or simply Peach’s castle is also known as the Mushroom Castle reason being its location in the kingdom called the Mushroom Kingdom. The Peach’s castle forms the most prominent land mark of the Mushroom kingdom.

The Princess Peach’s Castle is inhabited by Princess Peach and the Toads including Toads and Toadsworth. The castle is located in the grassy plains of the Mushroom kingdom exception being the Paper Mario series in which it is portrayed in the busy town. The location of the castle usually varies from game to game, so do the rooms inside the castle, but regardless it is always based in the Toad Town.

The castle is structured as the central tall tower amidst fours short towers comparatively. A pond of water encircles the castle with a small concrete bridge that connects the castle with the main land.

The given is a list of game series in which The Princess Peach’s Castle appeared with the first appearance being in the 1996 game Super Mario 64 in the Super Mario series.

  • Super Mario series
  • Paper Mario series
  • New Super Mario Bro’s series
  • Mario Kart series
  • Mario & Luigi series

Mario and Luigi game titled Paper Jam (2015) is in which The Princess Peach’s Castle has recently been appeared.

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