The Castle of Otranto has a Gothic element in it and has been framed in the form of a novel. The Author Horace Walpole published the novel in 1764 and it became the first Gothic novel in the history.

The story begins with a crucial aspect of the novel where Manfred, the lord of the castle, and his entire line is under a threat of extinction. The castle and the fortunes have to be secured for future generations. Manfred’s ailing son Conrad is the last hope who will carry forward all the fortunes. But a mysterious curse that is dragging down Manfred’s and his entire family causes a sudden unfortunate death of his son on his wedding day. Conrad’s life, so do the Manfred’s hopes, turn down with a sudden felling of a big helmet. Conrad was about to get married with a beautiful Princess Isabella, the daughter of Frederic.

Manfred is now a under a terrible threat. He has to secure his castle for his descendants. But now as his son is no more he decides to divorce his sterile wife in order to marry himself with Isabella in a hope that he itself will become the reason the birth of his next generation. Though things don’t turn out as per Manfred’s ill intentions, his struggle to marry Isabella and the twisting plots in it is what the story of The Castle of Otranto is all about. The story plot of course justifies the title by swirling the story about the castle.

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